Hunter Shirt & Ryder Skirt

This is one of my favourite tops at the moment. Not just because of the statement sleeves and open back, but because I know where it’s coming from. Hunter The Label is designed, made and sold in Australia so I feel like I can trust them and everything I’ve ever bought from them has been well made and of high quality materials. I bought this piece at their sample sale in December and I have no regrets. I paired it with a simple denim skirt from Ryder for a casual weekend look. More photos to come!

This weekend I met up with two bloggers for two of my favourite activities, food and photos. I’ve only met one or two Canberra bloggers at events before so I really had no idea what to expect; Michaela from Grace & Coy and Najima from Dusk Avenue are so lovely! This is another reason why I blog; finding bloggers who are such genuine and supportive people is the best. I’m sure some people have had not-so-great outcomes when meeting up with Instagram friends but I encourage you to do it! I had so much fun meeting Michaela and Najima, we had a great morning taking photos, eating (of course) and bonding over random blogging things. The Canberra heat was out to get us so we swapped coffee for fresh juices from The Cupping Room. I am between Canberra and Melbourne most of the time so if there are any other bloggers who are keen for food and photos, just DM me on Instagram!

Nameless xx

Cover Photo: Image by Michaela from Grace & Coy

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