The Fear of Blogging


If you think blogging is easy you’re either secretly a super hero or just outright insane. Blogging takes a substantial amount of time, effort and confidence. Over the last year, with the help of some amazing people in my life, I’ve become more confident and have learnt to acknowledge set backs and stay positive. Part of the reason I am blogging is to keep pushing myself out of my comfort zone so I can learn new things about myself. I definitely started with baby steps. I’ve always enjoyed photography so one of my cameras or at least my phone is always within arms length. I love to style outfits as well as shop the sales and I always feel more confident if I’m happy with my outfit. I started by just taking photos at home with either the tripod, family member or friend. However, I’m definitely not a model and will never claim to be, so this was nerve racking enough for an amateur blogger. Anyway, half laughing and half attempting to pose, I got more comfortable and started actually liking photos of myself. There’s always a couple of images where you look back and honestly don’t know how you possibly made that facial expression, but it’s all part of the fun and is another reason I’m thankful for the “crop” function on Photoshop.

The next step took me a little while to make. By “little while” I mean about a year, which is actually a long while, but I’m proud of myself for taking this step. Taking outfit photos in public. The first time I did this I was so self conscious and terrified. If you don’t believe me then I double dare you to walk through a busy street, set your tripod and camera up and pose for photos. Any blogger who has taken an outfit photo by them selves or with a friend out in public will probably think back and have a good giggle about this. Any experienced blogger doesn’t think twice about taking photos whilst out and about. Oh well, I’ll get there! I’m so glad I’ve started doing this because it’s taught me to care a lot less about what people think and it was a lesson I really needed to learn. Yeah, it’s kind of weird to go out and take photos of yourself with your tripod or your friends but I want to have a diary of what I wear and what I do, so I don’t really care what I look like, it’s one of my many hobbies.

So after all the stress and self consciousness I’m actually getting better at taking photos in public. Next time you come across a blogger’s Instagram think about how much effort went into taking the photo. The work begins by creating a website, then gaining the confidence to take your own photos but the work isn’t over once you have the image; don’t forget about editing and writing the article. Bloggers deserve way more credit than they are given. So, if you’re going to be mean, please go somewhere else, we aren’t bullet proof. Think about how much confidence you have to have to do what they do. Whether its meeting new people, networking, taking photos or writing articles, blogger’s put 110% into everything they publish.

I wrote this post because a lot of the time if you say you’re a “blogger”, it’s assumed you have some huge amount of confidence and are beyond content with strutting your stuff around town with your photographer friends. That’s not how it starts out. Hopefully some readers who are also bloggers can relate! Also, I’d be keen for any blogging advice from other bloggers so just DM me on Instagram or fill out the form in the “About” section!

Nameless xx

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