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When I was younger I used to hate hand-me-downs. I always wanted something new because I was trying to fit in with everybody else. Keeping up with every single trend is tiring and your body type doesn’t necessarily suit all trends. So now it’s pretty much the opposite, I’m the first to put my hand up for hand-me-downs. While I love hand-me-downs, I don’t often wear them as the are given to me; I usually chop and change them a bit. It gives me so much confidence knowing my clothes are unique and that I have put time and effort into them. I’m definitely not an expert D.I.Y girl but I’ve been pushing myself to be more creative with items I already own rather than always buying something new. Believe me, when I first started I had these amazing ideas but sometimes it didn’t turn out how I had planned. Sometimes I was using the wrong materials and sometimes my imagination was just too unrealistic, but I'm starting to get the hang of it now.

These culottes started as a pair of size 12 wide leg pants that got handed down to me from a family member. I remember putting them on about 2 years ago and thinking they were so hideous and way too big but I kept them in the back of my wardrobe because I hate throwing out anything that’s a neutral shade. I first took in the waist for a 70's party a month ago and then I had a light-bulb moment when I decided to shorten them and make them into culottes! You definitely don’t have to change the hand-me-downs you receive; I don’t expect everyone to know how to sew! Simple tricks like styling hand-me-downs with on-trend pieces is also a great way to create a new outfit or look, without even spending a cent.

I encourage you to stop discarding hand-me-downs because you wouldn’t wear it as it is. You can always change it into something you will wear, even if it’s as simple as changing the style or length of black pants.

Nameless xx

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