I’m back at university now so naturally, I’m in full procrastination mode. For hours upon hours of hilarious videos, interviews, music videos and general unproductivity I turn to my old friend YouTube. Somehow, I ended up following a trail of videos and landed on a Will Singe interview. He’s actually a pretty amazing Australia RnB/hip-hop kind of guy; if you’re into that you should YouTube him, it’s worth it, and he even seems like a decent human. Anyway, he said something that really resonated with me and that was “don’t be afraid of the journey” and “enjoy the ride”. I can’t sing to save my life but I think this can definitely be related back to blogging, or any goal you’re trying to achieve.

I am a perfectionist and typically, I don’t like sharing things with others unless it is, in my eyes, pretty awesome and 100% complete. It’s a blessing and a curse, but it’s something I’ve been trying to work on. Usually, I won’t post on my blog because it’s not perfect but I’ve decided to try and change that. I am so forgetful and I always always always leave my hair tie on my wrist when I take outfit photos and it annoys me so much that I just won’t post that photo. I’m slowly accepting that my photos aren’t going to start out being amazing, but I want to see them get better over time. I want to be able to see change in my style, in the quality of my posts and in the content of my blog; the only way to do this is to post regularly and stop being afraid that it’s not good enough. Change is all part of a journey and I want to enjoy blogging throughout this year and hopefully see the difference between my first blog post and my 100th blog post. I don't want to be afraid of this journey; I am going to embrace the fact that I'm new at this and still learning but if I work hard and am passionate about blogging, it will improve!

So, watch this space, I’ve got a few articles lined up for this week and I have promised myself to stop being so afraid of posting something that isn’t perfect! On a side note; how amazing are these flares?! I am so in love with them!

Nameless xx

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