Long Weekends

Long weekends are the best! Sundays become so much more relaxing knowing that you don’t have to get ready for Monday and also knowing you have a 4-day week ahead of you. While so many people choose to go away for long weekends, this time, I chose to stay in Canberra to catch up on sleep, life, cleaning and season 12 of KUWTK because I’m that far behind. It’s been such a slow, peaceful weekend which is exactly what I needed given how hectic uni is getting. This morning I went to yoga then out for brunch with a friend and wore a classic black-on-black combo with the most comfortable shoes ever aka Adidas Stan Smith sneakers. I’m so in love with high waisted, loose-fit pants this season. I feel like I’ve done a complete 180 turn over the past few years; from low-rise skinny jeans to high-waisted baggy pants. They are just so comfortable! Today I paired them with a fitted crop top just to pull the outfit in at the waist; I also have a few cropped jumpers or I’ll just tuck a jumper in as the weather cools down!

Nameless xx

p.s. My hair has lasted 3 days in these curls all thanks to Kate from katelilydressinghair!

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