The Pressures of Blogging

While I am loving the blogging world so far, sometimes I fall into the trap of comparing myself to amazing bloggers out there and feel a bit of pressure to constantly up my game. It can be good in a way, as it motivates me to find ways to keep improving aspects of my blog, however, comparing yourself to other bloggers can be tough and make you feel pretty shit sometimes. I think this is something lots of amateur bloggers do so I thought I’d write a bit about it and how I’m dealing with the pressures of blogging. Any experiences/in sights are more than welcome, you can now comment in the comment bar below! Alternatively, just DM me on Instagram or email me via the About/Contact section!

I started out blogging because I love styling clothes and having fun with my wardrobe choices. I didn’t start this for money or to get more clothes, it’s just a creative outlet and a great way to meet people in the fashion community. However, the more I’ve been posting on Instagram and the more bloggers I follow, sometimes I feel like my clothes are not as amazing as others. I feel like I should be ordering $500 worth of clothes per week and taking 20 billion photos per day to keep up with everyone on the blogosphere. But I don’t really want to be in debt at the age of 23… or ever in my life. So every time I scroll through Instagram and feel like “my clothes aren’t worth $500” or “I need new clothes to look like her” or “I need new clothes to be a successful blogger” I’m going to come back to this post and remind myself why I started blogging in the first place. I do love shopping and I have a few favourite brands. I usually buy a new piece every 5-8 weeks but when university is hectic, shopping is the last thing on my mind. When I started this blog I made a deal with myself that it would help me be more creative with my wardrobe and push myself to put together outfits in a unique way. I refuse to spend hundreds of dollars on clothes to “be a blogger” and wear them once for the sake of an outfit post, I don’t think that’s what blogging is really about. If you’re a blogger, what is blogging about for you? Do you feel any of the same pressures?


  1. Remember how and why you started

  2. Remember your budget and stick to it, no exceptions

  3. Remember you don’t have to be like everyone one else

  4. Remember that it’s about your style and authenticity, not the name brand

  5. You are here to create, not to copy

Nameless xx

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