Melbourne Fashion Festival Part 1: Adventures

I had such a fun weekend! I stayed with Michaela from Grace & Coy because we get along way too well; I’ve met her twice and it feels like we went to high school together or something. We had such a chilled out day chatting about blogging and random life stuff while eating pizza, of course. We got ready for VAMFF and made our way into the city to see VAMFF Premium Runway 5 presented by InStyle Magazine. We were classic bloggers and got there early to take a few photos, with Michaela's new lens (which is so amazing btw)! Michaela even got photographed by a photographer from Vogue so keep an eye out for her! It was so exciting! The atmosphere was amazing, there were food stalls, photo booths, swing sets, bars, models and bloggers; what more could I have asked for? I don’t know how to put it, it’s just really nice to be in an environment where everyone is just as excited as you about fashion. So many people in other areas of my life dismiss fashion as being superficial and boring so, it was a really fun weekend where I felt like I was surrounded by like-minded people.

Premium Runway 5 featured Misha Collection, Thurley, Camilla, By Johnny, White Suede, Zhivago and Rachel Gilbert. My personal favourites were White Suede and Zhivago. Don’t get me wrong, I love all the other brands and they were the reason I wanted to see this runway show, but I love discovering new brands. The accentuated shoulders showcased by Zhivago really caught my eye. I think well-structured pieces can really define your outfit/look so I’m thinking of adding some of those into my wardrobe for this season. All in all, it was an amazing show! From chilling out and eating pizza to having a taxi driver think Michaela and I were models, I enjoyed every minute of the weekend and can’t wait for Sydney Fashion Week!

All photos taken by Michaela from Grace & Coy

Nameless xx

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