Melbourne Fashion Festival Part 2: Technology

If you want to read an exciting summary of all the clothes that I fell in love with then click back to Melbourne Fashion Festival Part 1: Adventures. This post is more about an issue that was highlighted at Melbourne Fashion Festival and is really important to me.

I went to Premium Runway 5, presented by InStyle, and it was impossible not to notice the amount of people on their phones during the show. I will admit, between texting, listening to music, instgraming and blogging, I spend a lot of time on my phone. Spending time on your phone is just a part of living in this era, so I’m not complaining about people having phones. It’s more about the environment you are in when you’re on your phone. How many times have you been trying to have a conversation with someone and they are just scrolling through their Facebook news feed on their phone? How often do you see someone driving while on their phone? I’d say every single day.

Michaela and I had a huge chat about it and she made the best point about this. If you’ve paid all this money for a ticket to a fashion festival, why would you show the entire runway to people who haven’t paid to go? A fashion runway show is an experience, and it’s not wrong to share it via Instagram stories or snap chat, but if you share every single look from the entire show, does take away from your own personal experience? Does adding every single look to your Instagram story detract from your own enjoyment of the show? For me, it brings up the question “why did you go to the fashion show in the first place? Are you interested in the design of garments and the creativity of designers or is it just "popular" and "cool" to go?”

Let me know what you guys think!

Namless xx

p.s. This whole issue has inspired me to write a post about how to spend less time on our phones but make the most out of the time you spend on your phone, basically how to be more productive on your phone instead of procrastinating on your phone. Stay tuned for that article next week!

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