The Freedom of Blogging

I’ve written about the fear of blogging and the pressure of blogging so I thought I’d focus on some of the positives of blogging in this post! The freedom of blogging! I’ve debated posting this for a while and it’s probably a slightly more personal post but if one person can relate to it then it’s 100% worth posting so here it is!

The split second you meet someone new, your opinions of each other begin to form. Weather you look at what they are wearing, their mannerisms, their language or just the way they carry themselves, you are judging them. You are not necessarily “judging” them in a bad way, you are getting to know them, figuring out who they are, whether their values align with your own, judging if you will both get along and discovering if they will fit into your life. After you’ve met them a few times and your friendship is established you know who they are and what they stand for so you categorise them. I could categorise my friends as reliable, caring, loyal and understanding, which are great categories to be in, after all I value their friendship because of these traits. I also have friends who are so fun to hang out with but they wouldn’t be the first person I turned to for emotional support because they are not as understanding or sympathetic as some other friends. These are different ways to categorise people and just as I subconsciously categorise people in my life, I am also categorised in their minds.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, once you’re categorised, it’s difficult for people to see you differently. It’s like being friend-zoned; sorry to break it to you, but the chances of someone changing their mind about you and seeing you in a different light are slim. Some friends I’ve met over the years have put me into the corner labelled quiet, weird, unconfident and nerdy; I’m pretty sure they think I just sit at home and study 24/7 because I’m not as involved in their world or activities that they love. What they don’t know is that I’m actually insanely busy with multiple jobs across a range of disciplines and I’m so proud of how diverse my interests are; it keeps me balanced and I get to meet some amazing people. The problem with being put in the quiet/weird/unconfident/nerdy box is that that’s how they see me, not how I see myself. The longer I’ve spent being categorised as quiet/weird/unconfident/nerdy the more I started to believe it and started to act that way. I finally realised, after 2 years of thinking that I belonged in the corner that everyone else put me in, I don’t even belong in the room. I’m somewhere off on my own where I paint, sew, blog, write, take photos, shop, style, network, cook, eat, eat again and hang out with my friends all while being a physiotherapist and I’m 100% happy with that so I shouldn’t be so afraid to show it. I didn’t realise how happy I was with my life because I was believing what other people were thinking. If someone is labelling you, don’t become what they have labelled you, don’t let how they see you determine what you do. I know, it’s probably a conclusion that most people come to in high school… but I’ve only just figured it out and I’m proud of myself anyway!

Blogging and writing for online and print publications has been a huge part of helping me become more confident in myself. I owe a huge thankyou to the world of blogging for helping me become a lot more myself. Blogging for various sites over the past year and now starting my own site has been such a step forward for me! When I was younger I got so caught up in the fear of being judged that I stopped doing things that I loved. I started and deleted previous blogs because I was too scared someone I know would find out. I understand that fashion and blogging is not for everyone but it’s nice to be able to post whatever I want and know there’s a supportive fashion/Instagram community out there! Blogging is such a great creative outlet and even though I’m going to freak out when someone from high school or university sees my blog, I think I’ll be ok.

So maybe try to keep an open mind and give your friends the room to change, not everyone will be the exact same person they were when you met them.

Nameless xx

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