How to Stay Yourself on Social Media

It’s so easy to fall into the trap of being like everyone else or even becoming a completely different person on social media. Instagram and Facebook make it easy to hide behind perfect photographs so this post is how I am going to try and stay myself on social media. I want to stay myself on social media because being someone else, or putting on a different face/personality, is tiring. It’s just so much easier being yourself.

1. Showcase your opinion

Lots of bloggers are really keen to make their blog into a business so they stick to very “magazine” type articles, which can be very structured. While these articles read beautifully, sometimes they lack opinion and therefore, lack personality. I am trying to have a nice mix of personal pieces, reviews, outfits and magazine-type articles.

2. Post bloopers

This is just another way to let your personality shine through and it also makes you relatable. You’re amazing if you can be picture perfect, congratulations, but I like a good laugh. Bloopers are the most honest photos and I've got millions of them. When I take outfit photos I probably like 20% of the photos and the other 80% consist of me with my eyes closed, falling over or laughing. So expect more blooper posts from me!

3. Don't just interact; talk

I mostly use Instagram, so I guess this one is a bit Instagram-specific… Anyways, everything we post is curated and well thought out or planned. I only ever used Instagram to post, comment and like images but now I’m starting to comment with a bit more purpose and reply to people’s stories. Liking and giving a 2 word comment isn't really talking or engaging with someone else, so now I'm making more of an effort to actually "talk" to people and getting to know them instead of just aimlessly scrolling and double tapping a screen.

Nameless xx

p.s. hope you had a wonderful Easter break

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