Big Ink

Big Ink. It’s not just a magazine, it’s a collectable. I had a few DM’s and comments on Instagram asking about Big Ink so I thought I’d do a quick post to answer the main questions!

1. What is Big Ink?

Big Ink is an independent quarterly print publication available across Australia. The publication supports emerging artists, designers and creatives by providing them with a platform to showcase their timeless creations. Big Ink articles make you stop, think and question what you thought you knew. Big Ink offers a new perspective. Big Ink allows the reader to delve further into the process and thought behind the product, instead of just seeing the final product.

2. What do you do at Big Ink/Why?

I write for both the magazine and the online blog. I’ve been a bit behind thanks to university assignments getting in my way, but basically I’m trying to write a few articles per month for the online blog and work on articles for the next issue or two at the same time. In terms of why I do it, it’s just something I really enjoy doing! You get to meet/interview/work with amazing/talented/likeminded people and I just enjoy being creative!

3. How do I buy Big Ink?

Click here.

Any more questions, DM/email me!

Nameless xx

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