How to Stay Motivated to Workout in Winter

Working out in winter should be illegal, it’s too cold. If I didn’t work out for the entire winter I’d probably get diabetes or something so I’m going to stick with exercising… Anyways, in the hopes to motivate myself to actually get out of my bed and exercise at 5:30am in some freezing cold temperature, I’ve made a list of ways to motivate myself. They are printed out and kept next to my bed so if I get slack and don’t want to get up one morning I can read them and maybe they’ll help me get out of bed. We’ll see how it goes…

1. Work out in the morning

… Because the split second I arrive home, get into my comfortable clothes and sit on the couch there is zero chance I’ll be going to the gym.

2. Call your self out

If you make plans to go to the gym/work out and don’t go, admit it to yourself. Don’t come up with every excuse under the sun. Admit it to yourself and figure out why you didn’t go. The only way to actually start working out regularly is to figure out why you aren't currently working out.

3. Looking good means feeling good, right?

I think this one was just a good excuse to buy new winter work out clothes. I got this amazing new jumper and I just generally feel awesome wearing it when I run. So far it’s working, not sure how long it’ll last though…

4. Don’t think about exercising, focus on how you feel after

Yes, getting up early sucks. Yes, I want to stay in bed. Yes, it’s -4 degrees outside. Yes, exercise can feel like a chore. Yes, exercise makes you feel way better for the entire day. Yes, I can get up an hour earlier, wear 3 pairs of leggings, 2 pairs of socks and a beanie to feel a billion times better for the whole day. Getting up an hour earlier isn’t really a huge sacrifice to make, given the benefits of exercise.

Nameless xx

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