Nameless x Intimo

A little while ago I was lucky enough to be gifted this ready-to-wear convertible dress from INTIMO. I hadn't tried anything from INTIMO before so I thought I'd choose something from their ready-to-wear collection instead of their lingerie, just so I could see the quality of the materials/brand. The material is quite high quality, I've worn it about 8-10 times (even in the rain by accident) and it's still really soft with no pilling of the material. The dress itself lives up to the name "convertible", as it can be worn as a strapless midi dress, a one shouldered dress or a 3/4 sleeve dress! All in all, I was really happy with the quality and versatility of the dress and can say I will be investing in some of their lingerie next. INTIMO has just released their S/S 2017 collection (click here) so I will be purchasing a few things from their new line!

Nameless xx

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