Nameless x Spendless Shoes

About a month ago I was gifted a pair of black over the knee boots from Spendless Shoes and, in case you hadn’t already gotten the hint from my Instagram, I love them! They have a heel, but it’s not too high so I’ve managed to survive a few nights out with no complaints. So far, I’ve worn them with a few different skirts shown below.

First is a red and pink combo which I loved! I usually don’t wear a lot of colour, let alone colour on colour, so this outfit was a little different for me. I wore this back in autumn so it wasn’t too cold and the colour combo just felt like autumn, if that makes any sense! I definitely hadn’t worn the skirt since I was about 18 years old, so for me, it’s a little short now and I would’ve preferred something a bit longer. Oh well, I wore it anyway!

Next is a 30seconds look from my floor-drobe. Threw on a black witchery dress and a denim jacket I got for $5 at an op-shop and my favourite boots and I was good to go!

This last one is probably my favourite! I wore my brown turtle neck and a new pin striped skirt, from Mango, out to brunch a week ago and you can’t really go wrong if you wear all neutral colours! Photos turned out really well, mostly because Kate curled my hair for me, so smiles all round!

Nameless xx

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