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I'm a planner, it's the only way I can balance everything at once! Being a student, working multiple jobs, having a social life, having hobbies and trying to blog can lead to a very busy schedule and if I don't write things down, I'm lost. I don't have any revolutionary ideas about staying organised, I feel like everything you're about to read is so logical. Let's face it, everyone knows how to be organised but a lot of the time we can't be bothered to make the effort to be organised. For me, it always helps if I have cute stationary and colourful pens or listen to music while I'm getting organised. It just makes things more fun! I find staying organised and on top of things helps reduce my levels of anxiety as well. Anyways, last month I teamed up with StudioZeny and received some pretty bits and pieces to keep me organised, so here's how I stay organised!

1. Write it down

Everything goes in my phone calendar because I love getting notifications at the beginning of the day or reading through what I'm doing tomorrow the night before. Using my phone is so convenient because I take my phone everywhere! I also put everything in my diary, and I usually colour code everything in my diary.

2. Colour code

I tend to miss things if everything is written in black pen so I try and colour code. It also just looks pretty and I like feeling 10 years old and using coloured pens… haha

3. Structured "To Do" list

This will sound a bit crazy, but it makes sense in my mind! I used to just write everything down and struggle but now my "To Do" lists have categories! My "To Do" lists have 3 categories; Now, Later Today & Tomorrow, and I'm allowed a max of 2 things in each category. I have the tendency to overestimate the amount of work I can get through. I used to start writing my "To Do" lists thinking I was superwoman and put down like 2000000 things down and then end up disappointed when I only finished 2 tasks. So limited the amount of tasks in each category makes me feel more productive and a bit less like a failure!

Nameless xx

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