Beauty Masterclass with Eleanor Pendleton

Last weekend I went along to the Beauty Masterclass presented by Eleanor Pendleton (Founder of Gritty Pretty). Beforehand, I met up with some local bloggers who are just the best, I’m so grateful I’ve met them! They are lovely, hilarious and just all round amazing people. Transitioning instagram friendships to IRL can seem so odd, I never really thought about making friends online. But, when you like/comment on people Instagram posts everyday/a few times per week and you watch their instastories you just end up feeling like you know them or you’re already friends before you meet. It probably sounds weird but it actually not that strange, I’ve only met these girls a handful of times and can confirm there is no awkwardness at all, just a lot of laughs.

Gen from This is Genevieve, Kimberley from The Style Side, Me (lol) & Najima from Dusk Avenue.

After meeting up and taking a few outfit photos we went to check out the new beauty and wellness mall at the Canberra Centre. It’s pretty awesome and I will definitely be going back when I’m in Canberra again next week to do some more shopping!

After a bit of exploring we moved along to the masterclass. Eleanor started off with a Q&A coving topics such as how she started her business and how she came up with the name of the business then moved on to a makeup demonstration. While I enjoyed learning some of Eleanor’s tips and tricks to achieve a natural radiant look, I also admired that she acknowledged that everyone is different and that there’s no strict right and wrong when it comes to make up. I love that her beauty philosophies embrace individuality. She presented a more natural look which I found really refreshing. I think a lot of beauty idols/bloggers are all after “one look”, which at the moment is fuller lips, eyes brows with contouring. Eleanor really emphasised that make up enhances your beauty and you should put make up on to highlight your favourite features, not try and look one particular way. All in all, it was such a wonderful day and I can’t wait to do some more shopping at the new beauty and wellness precinct at the Canberra Centre!

Nameless xx

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