Spring Cleaning

Cleaning out your wardrobe can be overwhelming. I’ve always avoided it because it’s such a commitment, once you start and take everything out of your wardrobe you have to finish other wise your room is just a mess. It doesn’t help that I always keep clothes “just-in-case” I want to wear them again one day. Anyway, my wardrobe was getting a bit out of control and I had some spare time so I decided to do some spring cleaning! I googled a heap of ways to reduce/declutter your wardrobe and took bits and pieces from each of them to suit me and my wardrobe size. It took me 2 days to go through everything and I managed donate 50% of my wardrobe!

Anyway, so here’s what I learnt in the process of decluttering my wardrobe:

1. Do your own thing

While there are a lot of blogs out there with “methods” of how to declutter, try reading a few and coming up with your own method instead of just copying someone elses. I read lots of blogs that were along the lines of “choose 5 tops, 3 pants, 1 skirt etc” but I just don’t like putting a number on things. I chose to keep items that I love and that went with the maximum amount of other items in the closet. I got rid of items that I wouldn't wear, didn’t fit or didn’t go with anything else in my wardrobe.

2. Pick out all your basics and anything of sentimental value

3. Make deals with yourself

If you suck at throwing things out like me, make a deal with yourself that if you get rid of 40 items you can buy 1 or 2 new ones. This just helped me make decisions along the way, if I couldn’t make up my mind I’d ask myself “do you want to keep this or donate it and buy something new?

4. Know what to do with the clothes you on longer want

Don’t just throw them out! I sold some my clothes to local stores and then donated the rest. It’s always important to research any local stores that will accept second-hand clothes! Up-cycling is so important in a world of fast fashion.

5. Getting dressed is way easier with less clothes

6. Baby Steps

If you want to start with baby steps, just box up the clothes you have decided you want to get rid of and put them in another room. If after two months you haven’t opened the box, it’s safe to say you won’t miss those clothes so you can donate them to charity!

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