Casual Blazer Trend

So unless you've been living under a rock, you'd have noticed the blazer trend on instagram has been making a come back. Styling blazers can be tricky business. Since blazers are quite structured I often look so over-dressed or like I'm working an office job. For a more casual look, pairing a blazer with blue denim is a trick I've picked up on instagram. In this outfit I just stuck to neutrals and kept my shoes pretty casual. I've worn it with my witchery slippers and it looks too dressed-up/formal for me! In other random exciting news, this is the last post with long hair, I finally decided to cut it! Also, I decided to get a photographer for my blog. Taking photos myself/with friends and family was just so time consuming and getting difficult so I decided to just get a photographer! Photos are by Daniella from We Are Found! She's so hilarious and ridiculously talented, she's an editor at The Fashion Vault, designs, makes and owns a line of activewear and works as a photographer. Anyway, we had so much fun taking photos so there will be lots more blog content coming up!

Nameless xx

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