Interview with Momento Dezigns

Last week I was lucky enough to interview Momento Dezigns to hear all about their upcoming FASHFEST show featuring some amazing designs by COOP and Cooper by Trelise Cooper

COOP & Cooper will be showcasing on Friday night show 1, at 7:00pm!

Why is Momento interested in this brand and who does the brand design for?

Momento is interested in this brand because it is an extension of the Trelise Cooper stable of labels. It is actually two separate labels that we are showing together. They do have their own identities – Cooper being less formal than Trelise Cooper and Coop being originally designed for a younger demographic. They are generally less formal and more playful than the original Trelise Cooper label.

What inspired you to open a high-end fashion women’s store in Canberra?

Twenty plus years ago I was in fashion in Sydney running a retail consultancy business. Upon a random visit to Canberra I noticed a huge hole in the market for a more edgy, fashion forward designer boutique. I started with a small boutique, community weekly from Sydney for a couple of days a week – and the rest is history.

What three words describe Momento?

Wow three words is difficult but to give it a try – 1. Originality 2. Style and 3. Fashion Destination

What has been your biggest challenge in running a retail fashion shop?

Hard to say – It has changed over the years. We have adapted to the huge online presence – but it does mean that you can’t relax for a minute. It is running a small business and that always means huge attention to detail and being very hands on. It is 7 days a week.

What do you find inspirational about the spring-summer pieces you’ll put on the catwalk at FASHFEST?

Firstly some of the pieces that people have been wanting to see on the catwalk – e.g. Alex Perry, and the others are going to be reflections of this seasons trends, be that sequins/metallic, romantic frocks, pleats, floaty sleeve and legs etc. This will be just a taste of what is on offer at Momento. We just want to titillate the senses and make it visually enticing.

Why did you decide to take part in FASHFEST 2017?

Originally I associated FASHFEST with emerging designers – then I thought about all the designers that we have cultivated and grown in Momento over the years. Now these emerging designers are the Camilla & Marc, Camilla, KITX, Ginger & Smart, Alex Perry and so many more big name designers that I have had in store since their first ranges. I find this inspirational for all those new young designers and I hope they do too. I am proud to show at FASHFEST and I still keep my eyes open for new labels and fresh approaches.

How does your brand cope in today’s current fast-fashion world?

My brand copes very well in today’s current fast fashion world. Women still want and admire a well cut garment that will stand the test of time in both style and quality. In this busy world, women appreciate more than ever individual service and styling that you just can’t get off a rack! Trend wise we are always on the mark.

This combined show is brought to FASHFEST for the first time by Momento Dezigns. Coop & Cooper will be showcasing on Friday night show 1, at 7:00pm, see you all there!

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