Fashfest 2017: Part One

I can’t believe it’s already October and FASHFEST has gone by so quickly! I was sick all week but luckily recovered in time to go along to the closing night of FASHFEST. I went to both shows on Saturday night so I decided to recap each show in a different post. This post will be everything I loved about Show 1 on closing night. From Show 1 my favourites were Charly Thorn, Salvo’s stores and Naomi Peris Bridal.

Charly Thorn

Charly Thorn definitely started the show off on the right note! Charly Thorn used bold prints and bright colours to ensure the show was energetic and it definitely made me excited for summer. All pieces were very on-trend, showcasing current styles including ruffle details, sheer skirts and printed matching sets. Charly Thorn’s amazing designs were accessorised with statement earrings and sunnies. All in all, I loved this collection! The designs have such a youthful and fun feel to them and would definitely be something I’d buy.

Salvos Store

I love that a fashion show is encouraging sustainability and up-cycling. In a world of fast fashion, this show breathed life back into clothes deemed to be called “second-hand”. This collection showed that you need to have an open mind when op-shopping. You can’t go op-shopping with the perfect outfit in mind, you need to go looking for potential. The collection highlighted that op-shopping is about finding a canvas and then being creative with what you found to make it your own. The beauty of this collection was the creativity and the little details. Designers added embroidery, studs or statement earrings to show a second-hand leather jacket or a plain white button up can become something new and unique. The collection definitely inspired me to go op-shopping and see what I can come up with.

Naomi Peris Bridal

I didn’t think I’d enjoy this collection because I honestly pay no attention to bridal trends, I’ve never picked up a Vogue Bride or any bridal inspo magazine in my life but I actually loved it! Every single gown was so stunning! As the modern, yet sophisticated, designs effortlessly made their way down the runway everyone fell in love with them. Each gown was so unique; the lace details and intricate beading highlight how complex these designs really are. You can tell how much time and dedication goes into creating each garment and this reflects how talented the designer really is!

Nameless xx

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