Given that I started 2018 in February I took January to think about what I wanted to focus on this year or for however long. I think I also just wanted to hear other peoples new years resolutions to give me some inspiration, who knows, but I also like the idea of knowing I can start fresh whenever I choose to. So here it goes, officially typed and published resolutions for the next little while.

1. Become more independent

I think I'm pretty independent already; I cook, clean and hold down a few jobs, pay rent on time and have a reasonably balanced lifestyle. I'm not so great with things like tax, budgeting and believe it or not I didn't get net banking til last year… hmmm could probably work on this a bit…

2. Blog more

I don't think my blog is something that people read religiously, I probably have more people on instagram, but I like having it as a diary. My life isn't super crazy or picture perfect, but I like having a blog. It's such a fun hobby, it pushes me out of my comfort zone, helps me gain confidence and I get to meet likeminded people at local events, so I'm happy with it for now.

3. Choose a new hobby

I'm not sure how much spare time I really have but I would like to do salsa dancing or just something that keeps a different part of my brain active. Any suggestions let me know!

4. Be more open minded to new things

I quite like being put out of my comfort zone, it's terrifying at the time but I always look back and am grateful for the experience. I had a guy take me four wheel driving on a date last year, not gonna lie, I didn't even know what four wheel driving meant. I figured we'd just drive around in a four wheel drive, maybe a dirt road would be involved? It was terrifying, for a second I thought I was going to throw up but for the rest of it I had so much fun. It's something I have never even contemplated doing on my own and now I look back and it's such a great memory to have. I think a year ago I would have just cancelled the date because I was just too worried about the unknown and not being in control or just assuming it would be something I wouldn't enjoy. Anyways, basically I just want to continue to being open to new activities and not judge before I've tried it.

That's as good as it's gonna get,

Nameless xx


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