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New house, new room, time to go on Pinterest. I love moving into a new space and taking the time to figure out how you want everything to look! My room will never look as pretty as Pinterest, but that doesn't stop me trying. Here's all my inspiration for my new bedroom!


I went shopping and everything is pink and grey. It was death by fluffy pink pillows and chunky knit throws. I love feminine shades and have nothing against pink but I also don't want my room to look like everyone else's. My room should embody me and have it's own kind of style, not match every other 20-something-year-old females room. So I'm steering away from pink and going for more earthy tones, maybe some orange to make it a bit more tropical-ish. No idea where I'm going to find an orange pillow given the current pink trend, but I'm sure I'll figure it out.


Sometimes I don't even like the decor, I like the natural light and brightness of the room. I'm contemplated getting either a round mirror or a full length mirror to brighten up my room a bit and make it seem a little bigger.


Indoor plants are all the rage at the moment, but I think it'll be nice to see if I can look after something other than myself before I think about getting a pet, so indoor plants it is!


I love the minimalist look on Pinterest as much as the next person but I want my room to have a lived-in feel to it. I spend a fair bit of time in my room so I have stuff, I have textbooks, books, a clothes rack, a billion drink bottles, my laundry basket, candles, keys, a billion power cords etc etc so i'll never be 100% minimalist, but I'm ok with that.

Anyway, there it is, all my current bedroom inspirations



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