Mavi Australia Lookbook

I think everyone on the planet owns jeans, your wardrobe isn't complete without a comfortable pair of jeans. Last year I came across Mavi Jeans, I hadn't heard of them before so naturally I gave them a google. Mavi is a Turkish brand, the word mavi means "blue" in Turkish. From everything I've read they take pride in their origins and have worked incredibly hard to make their business successful around the globe. They had a great range of both basics and statement/on-trend jeans, so I was a fan. On the down side, they recommend only washing them every few weeks or as little as possible to reduce the stretch. I am known for being pretty messy (I always spill food/drink) so I unfortunately wash regularly. Other than that I quite liked their site and style.

I chose two pairs of statement jeans; one more fitted and with stars and the other a classic ripped boyfriend jean. Both had a really good fit and were easy to style with my existing wardrobe. All the lookbook fun is below.

Nameless xx

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