Girls Night at Salotto

Last Thursday night some local Canberra bloggers were invited to Salotto, an Italian restaurant in Kingston. I hadn't been there before, when I think of Kingston I often think of the foreshore not really the original Kingston shops but I was excited to see what they had to offer.

Firstly, I’m going to start with the thankyou’s, it always annoys me that thankyou’s are at the end. Thanks to Kimberly from the Style Side, 180 Degrees Marketing and to all the Salotto staff. Kimberly has organized so many blogging events lately and it’s the best. Meeting other Canberra bloggers is so fun, it’s such a wonderful and supportive community that I’m lucky to be a part of. Kimberly already has a crazy busy life so I have no idea where she gets the time to plan and invite us all to these amazing events. Thanks to 180 degrees marketing for working with Kimberly to organize the event, for hanging out with us all on the night and making sure everything ran smoothly. Last, but not least, thanks to the Salotto staff! Service was amazing on the night and the food and drinks were to die for, I’ll definitely be coming back soon!

We sampled Salotto's bar menu starting the night out with antipasto platters to die for, but don't fill up on bread because there so much more amazing food to come. Next up Polenta chips with tomato relish and aoli. You know when a restaurant doesn't give you enough sauce on a share plate and you don't want to be the person to take the last bit of sauce because you're trying to be polite blah blah blah. Well that didn't happen at Salotto, sauce to chip ratio was on point. The night continued with frittelle di zucchine (zucchini fitters with balsamic aoli), sliders and ariacini balls. Everything was delicious, no complaints from me at all!

Serving size was amazing, there's no way you'll be leaving hungry, and they don't sacrifice quality for quantity! All the classic cocktails found on the menu were delicious and only $13. I’ll definitely be doing back to try the dinner menu as well.

Shout out to the girls @thisisgenevieve_ @maryanneirhia @_mood_blog @lookingthroughhercloset Thanks for such a fun night!

Nameless xx

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