Weekend Through my Iphone

I don't always take my Nikon camera everywhere with me but I've always got my iPhone to take some snaps! Welcome to my weekend!

a. Friday nights at Lazy Su, such amazing food and cocktails!

b. Went plant shopping on Saturday morning and added to the indoor plant collection. Cute little basket from Adairs ($15)

c. Finally got a new lamp to match the rest of my room! From the best store in the world, Kmart ($25)

d. Lazy Sunday

a. On Sunday I went along to the last night of the Enlighten Night Noodle Markets with some friends, Pimm's was a must as it was 32 degrees!

b. And of course the food… Bao trio from Mr Bao.

c. Noodles, because it was the night noodle markets...

d. PUFFLES! New food group, I had never heard of, pretty epic!

e. Did you really go if you didn't get dessert? Don't really remember what it was called but it was like a watermelon and rose water and strawberry cake, so amazing, highly recommended and from N2.

f. Also went and saw all the lights!

a. Music to accompany my lazy Sunday morning. Just two that have been on repeat lately. And yep, that's my cool playlist name…

b. In case you were unaware, I'm a pretty big William Singe fan, the guy can do no wrong, so of course he made my Sunday morning playlist. My other favourite is Drake so when Will Singe covers a Drake song it's basically playing 24/7 at my house!

a. I got a cool new throw for my bed, yes from Kmart. Looks a lot like the Kmart tea towels too…

b. Breakfast, peanut butter and bananas is the world's best combo

Happy Weekend!

Nameless xx

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