Catch Fish & Chips Braddon

Fish and chips always makes me think of the beach in summer. So can Canberra have good fish and chips without the beach? The answer is yes!

I went last week with afew friends and we got afew different things off the menu. The fit out is amazing, they clearly knew exactly what they were doing, it didn't feel like I was in Canberra. Food-wise, everything was so good! Someone had warned me that portion sizes were a bit large so I shared grilled fish, chips, calamari and a greek salad with one of my friends and my other friend was super keen on the fish burger.

When the food came it lived up the the hype. Serving size was generous, one serve of fish and chips comes with 2 large pieces of fish (grilled or battered) and a decent amount of chips. Calamari wasn't chewy, it was amazing! Ugh nothing worse than calamari that tastes like rubber!

All in all, I'll be going back, the fish was really well done so I'm keen to try the battered fish next time or mayeb the fish burger because my friend loved it so much.

Nameless xx

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