Ruffle Skirt Lookbook

Happy Tuesday and welcome to my last summer outfit! From now on it's going to have to be autumn fashion, can't wait for all the jumpers, pants and layers! I don't think my style is very girly so I didn't really get amongst the ruffle trend but I made an exception for this because it's stripes so it just seemed a bit less girlie (it's also a decent length). I've worn it a lot throughout summer, it easily pairs with any printed tee or can be dressed up with a nicer top! Anyways, lookbook is below :)

Skirt is from Tokito (Myer) - $30

Top is from Zara - $25

Bag is from Sports Girl - $50

Shoes are from Witchery - $80 (but I've worn them about 200 times)

Nameless xx

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