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Last Sunday I went along to Danielle Cleary Events Model Host Search at The Brassy Hotel where 6 finalists turned into one winner. Anyone who lives in Canberra will know it was pretty much a cyclone on Sunday, it was so hot and windy was an understatement. The weather didn't stop the event from being such a fun afternoon. I went along with some other local bloggers and we all dressed to the theme of Garden Chic, so lots of neutral tones, pastels and florals! It was really nice to meet some other bloggers I have been following on insagram for a while!

On arrival there was wine, orange juice and water in a beautiful shaded garden and after meeting the 6 finalists there was some delicious desserts avaliable from Pip and Lou.

Neither the heat nor the wind stopped these models from strutting their stuff in gorgeous dresses from Momento designs. It was a tough competition, not sure how the judges were able to pick just one winner. At the end of the day Ruby was the winner of over $10,000 worth of prizes and will be the ambassador of DCE for the next 12 months. Congratulations Ruby!

There will be a video coming soon!

Nameless xx

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