Happy Four-Day Weekend

Four-day weekend. The dream. Weather it’s working, relaxing or being productive, a lot of thought goes into how to spend four days of freedom. On one side the pay working public holidays is amazing, on another it could be time to get all those little jobs you’ve been putting off for months finally done. On my side, my bed and a constant flow of hot cross buns with season 2 of Friends was on the cards.

Today was all about relaxing, I haven’t had a full day to myself in a while as the start of 2018 has been full of go-go-go. So far this year I’ve finished a job, applied for countless jobs, started a new job, got a second job, moved house and started blogging more. Most of my days I leave the house by 7:30am and am not home til 8pm and when I get home it’s a rush to eat, try and blog/vlog, edit photos and get ready for the next big day, so I’ve just generally been a bit run off my feet, this four-day weekend couldn’t have come at a better time! So today has been heaven on earth, I haven’t written a to-do list, I got to go make-up free, I’ve eaten too many hot cross buns and can quote a few friends episodes but it was the best day.

The rest of my weekend will be spending time with my wonderful family, some of which I haven’t seen in a few years, so should be really fun! There will be lots of food and laughs so I can’t wait! Happy Easter!

Hope you all have a wonderful Easter with your family and friends!

Nameless xx

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