Making Friends as an Adult

Making friends in school was easy. In Kindergarten I became friends with a girl because she had the same name as me, I became friends with a guy whose name came after mine in the roll and I also became friends with a girl who let me borrow her texta’s. As I got older it got a bit harder, girls were a bit more catty in high school and I learnt that people can be mean but I somehow recovered and sat with a new group of people at lunch time who I’ve now known for 10 years. At uni I made friends with one of the only girls I recognized from my high school and then we added to the group with another girl we met in a group tutorial. As I’ve ventured out of the uni life and into work life I’ve realized it gets even harder to make friends. I’m not just going to go and sit with a new group of people at a bar and expect a friendship will blossom. I still see my friends from highschool and from uni and I love them all, but as you grow up and get new hobbies and grow/change/blah-blah-blah making new friends is important.

Making new friends as an adult means putting yourself out there, like right out there on the line, and while it is hard to make friends as an adult, it’s not impossible. I’ve found that having hobbies helps make it easier. Weather it’s starting a salsa class or joining a club of some sort or even watching the bachelor, just having common ground helps. Literally, someone replied to my insta-story about an episode of the Bachelor in Paradise the other day and we had a huge debrief about the episode and are hanging out on the weekend. The Bachelor is always a good talking point hahah

For me, blogging/instagramming is a hobby and I’ve met so many people through Instagram/blogging events or even people just messaging me wanting to hang out and take photos. You can laugh all you want when we take each other outfit photos or call each other by our Instagram handles instead of our actual names but we all have so much in common. Firstly, we all have Instagram accounts and post regularly, majority of us interested in photography/fashion/styling, majority of us somehow balance full time work or full time study as well as running a blog/Instagram, we all love food and we’ve all stalked each other instagrams and feel like we already know each other. To an extent, we’ve all been through similar experiences, we’ve all strutted out stuff in public to take streetstyle photographs, we’ve all built up the courage to start a blog/Instagram, we bond over the pressures of blogging, the annoying Instagram algorithm and what space has the best lighting for a photo. I thought that making friends via social media was such a strange concept at first, before I started blogging I never would have messaged some random on Instagram being like “let’s be friends” nor would I have gone up to someone I recognized on social media and introduced myself, and now I’m so happy to do either of those things.

On the weekend I went along to “Get your Shii together Sundays” hosted by Shii Mii and GG Creative and this exact topic came up in conversation. It’s so easy to hop on tinder or bumble and get a date but it’s next to impossible to just go out for coffee and make gal pal friends! So annoying! I think it is also difficult because Canberra is quite clique-y, generally most people have their high school or uni friends or work friends and aren’t really open to making new friends. But literally, almost everyone at this event wished that there were easier ways to make friends in Canberra, which is insane! There needs to be a better way to make friends as an adult, there need to be an app or a regular meet up or something! Or maybe we just need to be less afraid to just say “lets hang out and go for coffee”? I don’t know, anyway, the least I can so is say if you ever just want to hang out let me know! I’m always keen to meet new people and try new cafes in Canberra! Offer is there, it’s the least I can do!

Nameless xx

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