Autumn Trends

Autumn is here and the weather is finally cooling down in Canberra, so there's no better time for a Autumn trends post. Here's just a few tips for getting the most wear out of your summer/last season pieces and some fun photos of my autumn wardrobe.

1. Layering

The side-button-down dress was such a staple this summer and it sucks that the cold weather stops you from wearing it. I posted this outfit earlier in the week and it's a perfect example of combining your summer and winter wardrobes without buying new clothes every season! Just pair a jumper/long sleeve with a summer dress and boots, done, brand new autumn outfit!

2. Flared Sleeve Knits

This trend is carrying over from last season, it will probably end with this season but it means you have some time to get more wear out of the knits you bought last season! I love this white one I got from SportsGirl last season, paired with some high waisted pants from H&M.

3. Print

I think it's really easy just to stick to neutral tones, so this season I'm going to add a few more prints. And by prints, I mean I'm going to ease myself in with nice basic prints and not have a billion bright colours, typical me. This one is from SportsGirl, last season, it just adds a bit more depth to the outfit. I could easily pair the skirt with a plain white/black knit but the print just gives it a bit extra in a way.

4. Accessories

I have about 3 hats on rotation at the moment, which is more than usual for me, so I think caps and broad brim hats will be seen a lot this autumn. Cat eye sunnies are also in every single flat lay I see these days so they'll be making a comeback too! The ones I have, shown above, are from Mussen!

Anyways, that's the four autumn trends I think we'll be seeing a lot of this season! Happy Sunday!

Nameless xx

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