Pink Pants Lookbook

Never in a million years did I think I'd be wearing pink pants, I tend to stick to more neutral colours as I'm sure you already know! The pair I'm wearing were $24.95 from Temt, and have a cute belt and round buckle detail. The material is thin, so I've lined them just so they are thicker and a bit warmer for autumn. For $24.95 I thought I'd try this pastel pink pant trend out and see how I go. Canberra isn't super fashion-forward so I got a few odd looks wearing pink pants, but all in all, they actually fit quite well into my wardrobe. I usually style them with brown autumn boots or white runners and a neutral coloured top/sweater, I haven't found the need to go out and actually buy something to go with them, I already own clothes that match. Anyways, just something a bit different to mix things up for autumn, photos are below!

Nameless xx

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