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Lat month I was lucky enough to go along to Bodhifit Studio and try their Hatha Yoga and Yoga Sculpt Classes as well as share a keto-style brunch with some other bloggers. The studio is owned and run by the mother/daughter duo, Sophie and Chey. Their studio is “a place where you can come along, switch off from the world & are able to work with your mind & body.”

We started off with Yoga Sculpt which aims to tone the hips, thighs, butt, abs and arms. This is such a unique class that not many other studios offer. It’s really easy to just copy a movement the instructor is demonstrating at the front of the class without actually engaging the correct muscles. Chey was really helpful at ensuring we activated deep core stabilizers, glutes and/or pelvic floor when performing specific movements. The class consisted of slow controlled movements with resistance bands to ensure everyone in the class was using the correct muscles. I loved this class! It’s definitely one I’ll be going back to!

Next up was Hatha Yoga focused on flexibility, balance, coordination and endurance. It is similar to other yoga classes I’ve been to, however it had a focus on multiple stretches in one position, then moving on to a new position, as opposed to a flowing movement. The session ended with a relaxing yoga nidra which was amazing! I really enjoyed the class and felt very relaxed and renewed afterwards.

Last but never least, brunch time. The multi-talented Chey also made afew things for brunch, everything from healthy chocolate cake to bounty protein balls, it was all amazing! Big thankyou also to Rosalie from Good Day PR, who organized everything from invites to goodie bags and brunch!

Nameless xx

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