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Despite being a "blogger", I haven't actually hired clothing before, nor have I ever used after pay, maybe I'm just getting old? Anyway last month I hired from two different hire services, one was Darwin Clothing Hire and the other was Hire Only For The Night. Firstly, Darwin Clothing Hire. They were a pleasure to work with, everything was smooth sailing. I messaged them on instagram with the size/style I wanted to see when it was available. I chose a date and it was as simple as that. When the playsuit was on its way I got a tracking number, it was delivered early and it even came with return postage and dry cleaning costs covered. I was slightly worried about the playsuit being double-booked as they don't have online booking, you just instagram message the owners and they keep track of when dresses are available/not available. Anyway, full marks from me, the playsuit was clean with no marks, the playsuit fit really well, it was on time and postage costs were covered! Can't ask for more than that! 10/10 would hire again.

Nameless xx

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