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Last month I was invited to try a strength and conditioning session at ascend strength and fitness. I went along with a group of Canberra bloggers and had a blast!

Firstly, we met the owners Ryan and Andrew who gave us a tour of the gym. It's an amazing 3 story space with the ground level being a space for functional fittness, the first level is a cardio-lovers heaven and the second level is for weights and strengthening work. Each level is quite spacious, even if the gym was full it wouldn't feel like a cramped space, which is exactly what you want when working out.

Next up we worked out! Andrew took us through a partner-based strength and conditioning session. Lots of squats, planks, push ups and throwing medicine balls around but Andrew made it really fun and it didn't seem like exercise when the whole group was encouraging each other. I had a really positive experience, I know going to a new gym or going to the gym for the first time can be inimidating, I've walked in to some gyms and just walked straight back out because I was uncomfortable. They guys at Ascend Strength and Fitness were welcoming, knew their stuff, corrected technique when needed, and encouragred us to all work at a pace that suited us indiviually.

Last but not least, we ate the most amazing brunch platter by Nibble and Nourish. What's an event without food? There were smoothie cups, energy balls, fruit, veggies, cheese, dip and brownies. All in all, it was a great experience!

Thanks so much to 180 degrees marketing for organising and to the guys at Ascend Strength and Fitness for helping us earn our brunch!

Nameless xx

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