Scott Gooding Nutrition & Lifestyle Masterclass

On Saturday I went along to the Scott Gooding Nutrition and Lifestyle Masterclass held at the Canberra Centre. Scott has just launched a book titled "The Keto Diet" which includes recipes as well a bit about his journey and what he's learnt along the way. I wasn't 100% sure what to expect, I thought he would try and convert us all to the keto diet but luckily, I was wrong.

Scott's Journey

Scott begun by sharing his journey with us, about how he struggled with chronic pain for many years and how he slowly discovered his own way to heal. Chronic pain isn't straight forward, it's quite complicated and takes a team of health professionals working together to overcome. As a physiotherapist, I see at least 1 chronic pain patient per day and they can do everything right at physio but if they go home and fuel their bodies with junk the road to recovery is even longer. Overcoming chronic pain is multifaceted and requires a holistic approach and this is something Scott learnt on his journey.

This journey has led him to where he is today; sharing recipes which use good, wholesome, anti-inflammatory, real food. No processed crap. Scott is involved in an 8-week program called which offers mindset coaching, meal plans, workouts and mindfulness practise to help you become the best version of yourself.

The Masterclass

I feel like so much happened in the hour, so let's just dot-point/summarise it, otherwise I'll be here for days.

1. He made a smoothie & a keto-salad

He demonstrated and talked everyone through his go-to smoothie recipe to show us how easy it is to cram a few more serves of veggies into your day. I probably like my smoothies a little bit more sweet but he gave some great tips and tricks about how to add greens without ruining the flavour of the smoothie. He also made a salad to show us how to use real ingredients to create flavours that "dress up" food. He used the example of kale. We all know its good for us but let's be honest, it tastes pretty shit. So you need to add lemon, spices, avocado or anything you want to make it delicious enough to eat!

2. He answered soooo many questions about the keto diet

I think a lot of people were there to ask about the keto diet. Every second questions was about how to successfully transition onto the keto diet, about the dirty keto diet, how to stay on the keto diet etc etc. He answered the questions extremely well. While he follows the keto diet (or a low inflammatory diet) he was also very realistic in his responses. He encouraged people not to just cut everything out overnight and explained how this could easily set you up to fail. If you absolutely love something, don't cut it out, just keep it as a treat/reward.

3. Main message

I'm not on the keto diet, nor am I vegan, vegetarian or anything for that matter. I just eat mindfully, and this is what Scott encouraged. Just be aware of the effect what your eating has on your body. Make food that will make you want to get back in the kitchen and make it again. Make food that makes you feel great on the inside and the outside. Embrace good health and be a custodian of your own health.

Nameless xx

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