Roxy x Masanobu

Sport and art are not often a pair that go hand in hand, but I'm here to show you an exception. The combination of 6-times world champion Stephanie Gilmore and self taught film maker Masanobu Hiroka fuses Japanese art and an Australian sporting champion.

"The result is a mesmerizing plunge into a dream-like universe."

The film weaves the fluidity of the ocean in with bold colours to create a stunning artwork. The combination of graceful movements and a harmonious soundtrack convey the tranquility of surfing and spending time out in the ocean. The collaboration of Stephanie Gilmore, Masanobu and ASKA represents surfing in a new light. Combining surf, art and music highlights ROXY's continuing dedication to empowering women. That's all I have to say for now, I'll let you watch the film here!

“Surf and art have always mingled: there is a shared sense of joy and creativity in these two mediums. The realization of the most stylish surfer in the world interpreted by an artist at the forefront of his medium is a beautiful expression ofsuch a feeling.” – Danielle McKenzie, Global Marketing Manager, ROXY.

Nameless xx

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